domingo, abril 11, 2004

Do you want to grow up Peter Pan?

Peter Pan é provavelmente a história de fadas mais triste alguma vez escrita.

Peter Pan é a trágica história de uma criança que não quer crescer.

« "I don't want to go to school and learn solemn things," he told her passionately. "I don't want to be a man. O Wendy's mother, if I was to wake up and feel there was a beard!"
"Peter," said Wendy the comforter, "I should love you in a beard"; and Mrs. Darling stretched out her arms to him, but he repulsed her.
"Keep back, lady, no one is going to catch me and make me a man."»

Peter Pan é a trágica história de uma criança que teve de escolher.
Entre o amor e continuar a ser uma criança.

«"Good-bye," said Peter to Wendy; and he rose in the air, and the shameless Jane rose with him; it was already her easiest way of moving about.
Wendy rushed to the window.
"No, no," she cried.
"It is just for spring cleaning time," Jane said, "he wants me always to do his spring cleaning."
"If only I could go with you," Wendy sighed.
"You see you can't fly," said Jane.»

Peter Pan escolheu não amar.
Peter Pan escolheu continuar a ser uma criança.

«"Why can't you fly now, mother?"
"Because I am grown up, dearest. When people grow up they forget the way."
"Why do they forget the way?"
"Because they are no longer gay and innocent and heartless. It is only the gay and innocent and heartless who can fly."»

Valeu a pena Peter Pan?

Se pudesses escolher outra vez, tinhas escolhido o amor Peter Pan?


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