quinta-feira, agosto 27, 2009

A Means to an End

I put my trust in you.
I put my trust in you.

Mãe, o que é que a pastilha elástica está a fazer?

quarta-feira, agosto 26, 2009

O Silêncio

A minha alma ficou além, parada no frio.
Queria ser assim e estar sempre assim.
Em silêncio.

segunda-feira, agosto 24, 2009


I found your house and I saw your car
But I've no idea where you are
From the dial-a-view

Tire scraps on a federal road
Look like crash landed crows
From the dial-a-view

I dream at night
of going home someday
somewhere so far away

So dream alright
I know it's gonna take some time
I'm going home someday

Fifteen years is almost done
and I don't recognize anyone
from the dial-a-view

my home, my friends, and you
I watched them fade, but what can I do?
From the dial-a-view


I dream, at night,

terça-feira, agosto 04, 2009

O que eu sou?

Um relógio sem corda, que continua a funcionar.

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